Real Time Spectrum QRSS3 Grabber
SV4FFL Costas
Here you can watch and download real time QRSS, Lentus or WSPR captures from my shack with the great software called "Argo".
Mainly i am hearing on 10139Khz VFO when i am QRV on 30M and 14095,6Khz when i am QRV on 20M. For reception i am using the Yaesu FT-920 with endfed vertical type 10m antenna and BalUn 4:1 on its base.
The ground system consists of 15 x 10m long radials and 3 x 25m. The system is 10,5m above the ground and the ACL of my QTH is 17m above sea level.
I have already ask from the author of Argo to include the capability of  having fewer screenshots with different names so i can publish here more than the last.
For any info pls feel free to contact me.
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