Mostly active on CW and lately on SSB modes in all HF bands like 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6m.
If i am active on APRS network you can track my mobile here SV4FFL-9 or see QTH of SV4FFL or as SV4FFL-1.
I like Contesting, DXing, Lighthouse Activations, SW Listening and when not chasing DX i contribute to Propnet, to the pronounced "Whisper" Network - WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) and to the Global ALE Network. At the moment i give a try to ARQ modes and PSKMail and begin studying more about meteor scattering propagation.

For skeds feel free to contact me via

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Shack - Equipment

Main Shack +++> Flex-6600, Icom IC-7300, Ant: Homemade telescopic Vertical 10meters with total of 250m radials on the roof of 10meters building and Butternut HF9V Digital Interface: Homemade audio interface, Linear RFpower LA1K5, Keys: Straight Key Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas from EA6YG(SK), Begali Simplex, Vibroplex Original Bug, Headset Heil Pro 7, PSU: Diamond GSV-3000.

Summer QTH +++> Flex-6400, Ant: Hexbeam MW0JZE 5 m above ground A.S.L. 0, Rotator Spid RAK, Winkey,  Keys: Vibroplex Vibrokeyer, Headset: Heil Pro Set Elite HC-6, PSU: Alinco DM-330MVE.

Portable Bag +++> YouKits HB-1B QRP 4 band tranceiver, Emtech ZM-2 portable manual tuner, Palm Radio Mini Paddle Key and Yaesu FT-530.

Mobile +++> ALINCO DR-620E with embedded TNC(EJ-50U) for APRS, ANT: Vertex SG-7000.

 View of my Shack (2009)