New Release of MultiPSK (4.20)

Hello to all Ham and SWL,

The new releases of MultiPSK (4.20) and Clock (1.9) are on my Web site
The main mirror site is Earl's, N8KBR: (click on "United States Download Site").
Another mirror site isTerry's:
Multipsk associated to Clock are freeware programs but with functions submitted to a licence (by user key).

Clock 1.9 decodes time signals from RAI
RAI uses 3 AM transmitters to transmit time data, every hours: Turin/Naples/Bozano on 657 KHz with 195 KW, Rome on 846 KHz with 25 KW, Milano on 900 KHz with 600 KW (main one).

The transmission of a RAI time frame is done in FSK 33.33 bauds during the second 52 an half oth second 53. The Space (2000 Hz) and Mark (2500 Hz) frequencies are audible. The main transmiter on 900 KHz is powerful (600 KW) but only one time transmission is done each hour (at x h 59 mn) and, unfortunatly, the transmitter is not working all time. So the RAI time is not to be considered as reliable (no coherence processing between succesive time receptions being possible).

The main modifications of MULTIPSK 4.20 are the following:...

1) Decoding of the ARQ-E and ARQ-E3 modes
Both modes are used in HF for professional transmissions (militar and diplomatic).
Differents baud rates (46 to 288 bauds) and different shifts can be used. Multipsk can automatically determine the baud rate and the shift.

The receiver can be in USB (normal choice) or in LSB, the polarity being automatically detected.

This mode is available for licencied copies, only (otherwise, the decoding is stopped after 5 minutes).
See specifications below.

2) Improvements:

- Addition of a specific ARQ-E baudmeter and improvement of the accuracy of the baudrate and shift measurements of FSK baudmeter, available under the mode button "Analysis" (function only available for licencied copies).

- Improvement of the ACARS, Packet (FSK), 1382 and 110A decoding.

- Possibility to connect, via TCP/IP link in local loop ("TCP/IP" button), several client programs (as HFDL_Display) to several occurrences of Multipsk.

- Addition of an "Automatic Frequency Control" in GMDSS HF (button "AFC").

- Addition of a sort of "Sounding beacon" in 141A (ALE) and ALE400 (Click "Options", then "30mn" or "1h", then "Additional sounding". Afterwards, start the "Scan").

- The log book can manage a maximum of 300,000 QSO instead of 100,000,

- Extension to 40 serial ports (instead of 16).

Note about translation of Multipsk.exe and Clock .exe: the 4.19 version of Multipsk/Clock has been completly translated to Spanish by Joachin (EA4ZB), from French. The translation file is on my Web site (


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