SV4FFL WARC'n Overtime Award Achievement!!

On Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 9:04 PM, John W3HI wrote:

Costas SV4FFL, FH#1121, has achieved several awards with the Feld Hell Club. He owns Certificate number 028 for the DXCC-25 Award, 007 for the DXCC-50 Award and 006 for the Worked All Europe Award. He also qualified for four Gridloc Hell Awards.

Today, he became the first FHC award winner for 2013, and the first for the WARC'n Overtime Award. He was issued a sweep of serial number 001 for the Bronze level Awards; 12 contacts on 12 Meters, 17 contacts on 17 Meters and 30 contacts on 30 Meters!

To me, this is an absolutely amazing feat. If you work Hellschreiber modes on the WARC bands, you know how few and far between contacts are. But, Costas persevered and accomplished an award I only dream about.
My hearty congratulations to you, Costas! Somehow, I have an idea I'll be seeing you back for the silver level awards soon!

Εξαιρετική δουλειά, Κώστα!

Now that Costas has broken the ice for 2013, how many other Feld Hell Club members qualify for an award? Check those logs!

John W3HI
FHC Awards Mgr.

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