Three Day Weekend

The 2012 Ø7Ø Club
Three Day Weekend (TDW)

Purpose: To work as many Ø7Ø Club members as possible in the allotted time using PSK31.  All Ø7Ø Club members work each other.  Only Ø7Ø Club members can participate in this event.
Date: 0000 UTC 25-May-2012 to 2400 UTC 27-May-2012
Exchange: Callsign, your first name and your Ø7Ø Club number.  Use the member number from your Ø7Ø Club member certificate. (Exchange example: AA8QQ de N3DQU Jay 010 bk).  Call "CQ Ø7Ø".
Bands: All HF bands, 160 thru 6 Meters, but no WARC bands.
Contacts: Work each station once per band.  All contacts must be 2-way PSK31.  No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts.  Each contact with an Ø7Ø member counts...
one (1) QSO Point. Dupes count zero (0) points. Contacts with non-members do not count for this event.
Multipliers: Multipliers are the Ø7Ø Club member numbers, counted once only (not per band).  Ø7Ø Club membership as of 24-May-2012 is 1,520 (minus 20 inactive members), so the maximum number of multipliers you can claim is 1,499 (since you can't work yourself).
Final Score: (Total QSO Points) X (Total Different Ø7Ø numbers) + (Total Bonus Points) = Final Score

Club Entries:
1. The club itself must be an Ø7Ø member.
2. Multiple operators are allowed.  Operators do not need to be individual members of the Ø7Ø Club.
3. Only one single transmitter/one signal on the air at a time.
4. A station can not be operated simultaneously under multiple callsigns, e.g. a club call and an individual call.
5. A station can alternate operation under multiple callsigns (e.g. a club call and an individual call) as long as callsign switches occur no more frequently than once every two hours.  In other words, once a station is used under one callsign, it can not be used under another callsign for TDW contacts until at least two hours have passed.
6. Rule 5 does not apply to individuals' use of family stations, where multiple individual licensees share a station at a commonly-licensed address.
Awards: Top scores from AS, EU, AF, NA, CA, SA, OC, Club, SWL and the top scoring Bonus Station will receive a certificate and a special endorsement for their Ø7Ø Club certificate.  All entries showing 10 or more contacts will receive an Ø7Ø endorsement for their participation.  Bonus stations will receive a special endorsement.  The Top Dog score (from a non-bonus station) will receive a trophy, courtesy of the Penn-Ohio DX Society.  Note: in accepting this trophy, the recipient agrees to participate in the next TDW as a Bonus Station, or else sit out the contest entirely.
Entries: Use the handy online Entry Form or send an email summary (including Callsign, Name, Mailing Address, Total QSOs, Total Mults, Total Bonus points and Final Claimed Score - DO NOT SEND LOG FILE UNLESS REQUESTED) to N3PPH This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via post to:

Bob Sheskin, N3PPH
392 S Shore Ter 5
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

All entries must be received by 10-Jun-2012 (2 weeks after the contest). Please put your callsign in the subject line. All entries received will be acknowledged by email and are subject to verification.  Scores will not be posted until after the contest deadline.


Power: Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others.
Bonus Stations: You can work each Bonus Station once per band, but please don't ask them to QSY to another band for you.  Bonus Stations will try to work as many bands as their equipment and propagation allows to give everyone a chance for extra points, but remember that they are in the contest, too.  There is no guarantee that all Bonus Stations will be active on all bands.
Brag Files: Calling "CQ Ø7Ø" means you are in a contest mode, so there is no need to send those brag files.  If you want to ragchew, send a general CQ instead.
Macros: Take advantage of your Macro keys.  Set one up with your exchange.
Alpha List: Avoid duplicate QSOs by keeping a copy of the Ø7Ø Club's Alpha List for each band.
Computer Loging: Check out W3KM's Gen Log program.
Questions? Contact N3PPH
Bonus Stations: Each contact with a bonus station counts as one hundred (100) bonus points.  Bonus stations for this year are N2EOC (2011 TDW Top Dog), N9JCA, VA7GEM, SV4FFL and ZL1LC.

The KJ4IZW  Scoring Tool will provide a score calculation and a summary that you MUST then submit to N3PPH This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it via email or by using the online Entry Form.  NOTE: Using the KJ4IZW scoring tool does not automatically submit your contest entry to the Contest Manager!

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