New Multipsk 4.21.1 (Test Version 5)

Patrick Lindecker wrote:
Hello to all testers,
Here is a new Multipsk test version only about the Lentus server (button

There are several more functions on the "Traffic" window (see extract of the
manual below).

In APRS, GMDSS, ACARS, HFDL, there is a better display on Google Earth and
local maps with dashes between dots, only if the "Display all" button is

Paste this adress in your Internet Explorer or equivalent. Download the
Create a temporary folder (C:\TEST, for example), unzip the file in it and
start C:\TEST\Multipsk.exe (the auxiliary files will be created

TKS for reports!

Note about GMDSS users: the "Traffic" window will be used for GMDSS, so if
you have remarks...

Below is an extract of the Lentus manual about the "Traffic" function.

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