New Beta Version "Argo" (V1 build 138)

Alberto I2PHD says:
Recent testings done by Mauro IK1WVQ and Rick 7L1RLL did point out some problems in Argo build 137, especially in the FTP upload area.  What happened is that the program worked ok until some Internet errors happened during the upload.  Argo did not manage the error in the correct way, and the uploading function was disabled. I revisited this area, and now the error management is (should be) much better.  I also corrected some other errors, like disappearing time ticks, and other minor issues. If you are a user of Argo, lease throws away build 137 and download this latest version, which I still consider in beta status, and for this reason is not distributed yet from my Web site. The distributed build 138 writes in the same directory where the executable is placed a text file named  Argo.log with debug and informative messages, useful in case of errors. I will disable this function shortly, if no new errors come out. Should you encounter an error, please send me that file as a mail attachment, thank you.

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